Pick 3 From Johnny Mathis

Do yourself a favor… During dinner tomorrow night tell Alexa to play some Johnny Mathis songs or let YouTube play a medley of his hits for you. I bet that you have forgotten what a special voice he has. You’ll be glad you did…

If you are going to Pick 3 for Johnny Mathis, you must begin with his signature song “Wonderful, Wonderful”. I think this song demonstrates the remarkable quality of Johnny’s voice. The orchestration compliments his talents and the production allows him to just belt out perfect pitch at full volume. Simply a classic for all time and a signature song properly titled!

Given the vast portfolio to pick from, it is fun to put forth your own favorites from the king of back seat music. My next choice is “It’s Not for me to Say”. In this song, Johnny is not afraid to let his partner know how he feels; likewise, in my next pick, “Chances Are”. Pure romance and a warmth that you can sense.

Finally, I pick “A Certain Smile” to complete my selections. This is another ballad about risky love, but worth the chance. Fantastic melody, haunting lyrics, and outstanding vocals. How can you not love this music!

It’s hard to believe these songs date back to 1957-58 and they still sound fresh and alive.

OMG, is that four picks? Well too bad, he’s worth it!