Pick 3 From The Righteous Brothers

Bobby Hatfield and Bill Medley joined voices to form The Righteous Brothers back in 1962. Their musical style was soon dubbed ‘blue-eyed soul’ and they delivered that smooth, soulful sound throughout their entire careers. Sadly Bobby past away in 2003 in a Vegas hotel room during a tour. Bill continues to perform their classic hits for audiences throughout the country, with emphasis on Las Vegas market.

Picking 3 from their portfolio was fun for me. I’ve always had some favorites and I’m happy to share with you Pick #1… “Just Once in My Life”.  This song features Bill’s deep baritone voice, perfectly complimented by Bobby’s alto during the chorus that softens the melody perfectly. My favorite lines are:
 “I’ve given up on schemes, ’cause all of them fell through
I’ve given up so many things, don’t ask me to give up on you.”


Pick #2 is Ebb Tide. This song is all about Bobby. His range is unmatched and his tone is haunting. No one has ever recorded this song any better. This is the perfect match of performer and track.
Thanks, Bobby, R.I.P.


Before I share the last pick in this sequence, I would encourage you to experience “I Believe” by these guys. You will not be sorry.


Pick #3 was easy… Unchained Melody. This might be the perfect song! It was written in 1955 by Alex North and Hy Zaret and recorded by hundreds of artists. These guys did it in 1965 and had great success with it, but when it came out as the score for the movie “Ghost” it became immortal.
I needn’t say more… this is Bobby at his very best. Listen up.