Pick 3 From Gary Puckett & The Union Gap

I’ve been stressing out over this long enough so I’ve decided that I’ll pick 4 (that’s called “the power of the pen!”)

If music is supposed to be fun, then this is it… No big drama, just fun music to sing along to.  Have some fun with these picks.

I saw Gary last summer at the Melody Tent in Hyannis on Cape Cod. He was part of the Happy Together Tour featuring The Turtles, The Association and Three Dog Night. Needless to say, a really fun night. Well, Gary’s voice has lost a little, but he was still rated an 8, down from the 10 we knew in the 60’s. BUT, his music still gets a 10 for fun to sing along with. You may be surprised that you know all the words of his songs!

Notably, in my top 4 picks, Gary does not fair very well in the game of love.

Okay, tied for number 3 are Woman, Woman and Young Girl. In one, his woman is cheating on him and in the other, the girl is too young… bad luck, bad love. BUT, great sounds. Listen to the very beginning of Young Girl and you will appreciate what a great voice he has… just silky smooth.

In second place, my pick from these guys is Over You. (Another sad love song.) BUT, again a lovely melody and strong vocals by Gary. You’ll enjoy this one a lot!

My number 1 pick from GP and The Union Gap is Lady Willpower… no surprise!

At the concert at the Cape last summer, Gary never sang the word WILLPOWER… He didn’t have to since 2200 of us handled that part of the song… LOUD AND CLEAR. Gary really showed his showmanship during this performance. He was focused on the audience, not himself, and wanted to ensure we all had a great time. The song still has plenty of energy and we all shared ours during this song.

By the way, at least in this song he has a chance for romance!