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While you are here, feel free to share some fun stories or experiences you’ve had with our idols. Please keep visiting the Nation since we’ll be updating and sharing frequently.

Lead Singer

Baxter’s friends will tell you he got stuck in the 60’s and he won’t argue. His first ’45’ was Johnny Angel by Shelley Fabares, then Roy and Gene took over followed by the entire parade of stars. He loves all the‘Bobbys’ (Daren, Vinton, and Vee) and all the ‘Fours’ (Seasons, Lads, Freshmen,  and Tops) along with the many other artists that enhanced our lives. You’re likely to find him at concerts featuring the Grassroots, the Duprees, Paul Anka or any other performer from our favorite era of music. Sing along with Baxter as we review the hits in this unique format…




In addition to occasional posts, Ticeman runs our website & social media sites.  Based on decades of concerts, parties, dancing & drinking, he loves pretty much any type of Rock ranging from Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendricks & the Eagles right on through to the Black Keys, Kings of Leon, & Coldplay – but in the Oldies category Ticeman’s favs mostly come from Motown (Temps, Smokey, Diana, Gladys, Marvin & Stevie), the British Invasion (Beatles, Stones, Petula, Kinks, Marianne) and Hippie stuff (Zeppelin, Janice, Jefferson Airplane, Cream). Rock On, baby. 


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