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This is a special selection featuring the stylish and harmonious voices of this vocal group. All of their recordings are big production numbers with lots of strings and supporting instrumentation. Their voices combine so perfectly, it sounds like a single voice with wonderous depth!

I am going to highlight my first pick and dedicate it to Jack and his lovely daughter Kimberly, who danced the father-daughter dance to this song, when Kim married her terrific husband Nate. Not only is Kim a ‘Special Angel’, she and Nate have given birth to three more Special Angels! Of all the artists that have recorded this song, I have to say that The Vogues got it right… silky smooth, with the production building all the way through. Truly a masterpiece.


My second selection is You’re the One. For a love song, this one is pretty rowdy, but it works. As you would expect, there’s some great vocals throughout this song, so sit back and enjoy!

My third pick is of course their biggest hit… Turn Around, Look At Me. What a great song this is. I would love to see and hear this song live… maybe this summer on the Happy Together Tour! Pay attention to the flute in the background, it adds so much to the tone of the song. I also like how this song starts off so quietly and then builds to a crescendo. On the way to the crescendo, I like the lyrics, “There is someone who really needs you. Here’s my heart, in my hand…” listen to the flute!!! Listen to this one twice!

Since I have ‘the power of the pen’, I want to give you a bonus that I think you’ll appreciate. The Vogues did a fantastic job with this song… Till. The Angels did a fabulous job with this song as well.

HAVE FUN and don’t forget to Make More Saturdays!!!


Picking 3 from the Four Seasons is a tough assignment. They are one of my favorite groups of all time and therefore picking only 3 of their many hits is difficult. I have seen Jersey Boys in the theater 3 times and the movie twice and I would not hesitate to see it again!

They took their name from the name of a bowling alley in Union County, New Jersey where they played and failed at an important audition. Shortly thereafter, their fortunes changed and Sherry was released… and as they say, the rest is history!

So, here goes… I am picking 3 and keeping a dozen others very handy!

First I am going with Big Man in Town. Frankie’s distinctive voice is on display in this song. It was written by Bob Gaudio, which turned out to be the perfect combination… Frankie’s voice and Bob’s writing. The lyrics tell a song of hope and some determination! I guess he did return as a Big Man, after a few ups and downs!


The second choice is Bye Bye Baby, Baby Goodbye, the ultimate sing along song! Another sample from Frankie and Bob, but this song also features some active participation from the other two members as well, Tommy DeVito and Nick Massi.
Bad timing summarizes this sad love story. Sing along while you are enjoying this one.


My final choice for this segment is what I consider a PERFECT SONG… DAWN. It starts with “Pretty as a mid summer’s morn, they called her Dawn.” How beautiful is that? I like the tight lyrics and the driving percussion sound. I suspect even though the singer was being a martyr and volunteering to walk away to give his love a better life, I think they ended up together! I’m hoping at least!



After this, I will listen to Ronnie, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Grease and on and on and on!

PICK 3 From Elvis Presley

This should be one of the most difficult assignments ever, but somehow I did this one relatively easily. Having said that I would expect there to be hundreds of dissenters with their own three picks since he had so many great recordings. Anyway, here goes…

My first pick is Suspicious Mind. Elvis demonstrates his vocal talent and super showmanship with this piece of work. This song also adds in the haunting sounds from the backup singers. This is clearly an Elvis classic.

My second pick is The Wonder of You. Enjoy this video, note the smirk, note the smile, note the voice… There’s only one KING and Elvis is HE!

I am cheating a little with my third pick. I am going with If I Can Dream. HOWEVER, I want to use the video from AMERICAN IDOL that features a duet with Elvis and Celine. I love the use of technology to accomplish this video and the outcome is simply spectacular. Suspend you disbelief and just enjoy the experience.


Since it is Christmas time, here’s a present for you. What could be more fun than this??? Watch Elvis sing with Martina.

Thank me later!!!

Pick 3 From Peter & Gordon

Pick 3 from Peter and Gordon

Peter Asher and Gordon Waller had a very unique beginning… Paul McCartney was dating Peter’s sister Jane, when because of unfortunate experiences, Paul had to move into the Asher household for two years. During that time, he became friendly with Peter, who asked Paul to write him a song so he could reocrd it. Paul gave them, “A World Without Love”, which became a hit and launched their career. Paul subsequently gave them “Nobody I know”, “I Don’t Want to See You Again” and then “Woman”. Paul wanted to see if they could score a hit without his name on it so for Woman he credited it to “A. Smith”. His talent is clear regardless of the name he uses… Woman was a smash hit for P&G. P&G also recorded “I Go To Pieces”, written by Lou Christie and of course, my favorite of their recordings, written by Buddy Holley, “True Love Ways”.

Peter continued in the music business and was mega successful, producing Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor among many others. Sadly, Gordon died from a heart attack in 2009.

This video shows Peter and Gordon at their very best… singing my favorite of their recordings, Buddy Holley’s True Love Ways

My second favorite is “I Go To Pieces” written by the great Del Shannon. This is a classic heartbroken song. Speaking of heartbroken, Del Shannon took his own life in 1991. He was a terrific song writer and is best known for his hit “Runaway”.

My final choice for this segment is “Woman”. Listen to this tune and it will remind you of the incredible harmony these guys could pull off.

PICK 3 From Little Anthony & the Imperials

These guys were one of the very few groups that could still successfully release hits against the British Invasion. Jerome “Anthony” Gourdine, known as Little Anthony had a unique voice and several incredible songs. Picking three was not easy, but let’s begin…

“Going Out of My Head” would be on everyone’s list, so take a minute to remember how great this song is.

Not so obvious is one of my favorites entitled “Take Me Back”. This is a remarkable melody, with terrific lyrics.

One of the interesting things I note about this group is that although The Imperials were ‘only’ the back up singers, they were a very important part of the act with their very involved vocals and their fantastic dance routines. Watch these videos and enjoy their moves.

Another ‘love gone wrong’ tune is my favorite named, “Tears on My Pillow”. This one really shows Little Anthony’s range. EMJOY, and excuse while I go seek out “Hurts So Bad” and “I’m on the Outside” to complete my collection.

This is FUN!

Roy Orbison Revisited: His VERY BEST non-hits…

One on my favorite treats is to discover some new (old) music from Roy that I really enjoy. Over the years I have captured five (5) such treasures and I would like to share them with you right here…

First is, “DREAM”, not In Dreams! This version was made famous by the movie “You’ve Got Mail”. Terrific song, enhanced by Roy’s perfect voice. ENJOY

Next up is “Hey There Pretty One”, not Pretty Woman! Another mystery why this song wasn’t a hit… maybe Roy needed a different manager back then! Have fun…

Another mystery mis-hit is “Here Comes That Song Again”. You’ll be singing along with this one shortly…

Roy covered this song, “Cry”, not Crying and could have sold a million as a single. Here’s his take…

Finally, I need to thank Carol, who hosts us on her Roy Orbison Group on Facebook, and her followers for recently introducing me to “Lonely Wine”. When I heard it, I knew it was ‘classic Roy’ and could have stood on its own in its day. Here’s my newest old favorite…

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do, which may be be tough to do!



We will continue to share some of our favorite recordings by our favorite artists, but we intend to provide suggestion of when and where to see your favorite performers AND what great documentaries are available on which medium.

To begin…

If you love MOTOWN (and who doesn’t), tune into “Hitsville” available on Showtime. It is hosted by Berry Gordy and Smoky Robinson of the Miracles, who teamed up to create a hit factory in the “Hood” of Detroit. They reflect on discovering talent and appreciating genius. You will enjoy this incredible time capsule. Beg, steal or borrow Showtime, but find Hitsville, you will not regret it.

Pick 3 From The Association

During the summer of 2018, I was fortunate enough to attend the Happy Together Tour, starring The Turtles and featuring The Association, among others.

I mention The Association because they stole the show.  The vocal talents of Terry Kirkman and Larry Ramos were unmatched during the 60’s and 70’s and have not diminished since.

The entire audience knew all the lyrics and calmly sang along to their beautiful ballads.  If you look up ‘soft rock’ in the dictionary, surely this group’s picture would appear!

My 3rd Pick from The Association is Everything That Touches You. Enjoy the harmonies during this song.   My eighth-grade experience was made better by this group and this song – slow-dancing was nerve-wracking but, in the end, worth it.

My 2nd Pick is this group’s biggest hit, Cherish (Is the Word). A simple love song of longing for the unobtainable, the use of chimes lending it an ethereal feel. The word ‘cherish’ is a beautiful term of endearment and the song Cherish lives up to that description.

My Number 1 Association Pick is Never My Love. This song was the second most played song during the 20th century! The studio band behind this song was The Wrecking Crew. Do yourself a favor… go see the documentary on Amazon Video called The Wrecking Crew. (I just gave you the hint of the year! Don’t miss this.)

Meanwhile, Never My Love was recorded by 16 different artists within a few years of its release. Everyone, including The Association, knew it was an easy hit.

The Association is touring and the details are available here…

Pick 3 From Gary Puckett & The Union Gap

I’ve been stressing out over this long enough so I’ve decided that I’ll pick 4 (that’s called “the power of the pen!”)

If music is supposed to be fun, then this is it… No big drama, just fun music to sing along to.  Have some fun with these picks.

I saw Gary last summer at the Melody Tent in Hyannis on Cape Cod. He was part of the Happy Together Tour featuring The Turtles, The Association and Three Dog Night. Needless to say, a really fun night. Well, Gary’s voice has lost a little, but he was still rated an 8, down from the 10 we knew in the 60’s. BUT, his music still gets a 10 for fun to sing along with. You may be surprised that you know all the words of his songs!

Notably, in my top 4 picks, Gary does not fair very well in the game of love.

Okay, tied for number 3 are Woman, Woman and Young Girl. In one, his woman is cheating on him and in the other, the girl is too young… bad luck, bad love. BUT, great sounds. Listen to the very beginning of Young Girl and you will appreciate what a great voice he has… just silky smooth.

In second place, my pick from these guys is Over You. (Another sad love song.) BUT, again a lovely melody and strong vocals by Gary. You’ll enjoy this one a lot!

My number 1 pick from GP and The Union Gap is Lady Willpower… no surprise!

At the concert at the Cape last summer, Gary never sang the word WILLPOWER… He didn’t have to since 2200 of us handled that part of the song… LOUD AND CLEAR. Gary really showed his showmanship during this performance. He was focused on the audience, not himself, and wanted to ensure we all had a great time. The song still has plenty of energy and we all shared ours during this song.

By the way, at least in this song he has a chance for romance!

Pick 3 From The Duprees

I have so many stories about THE DUPREES, but one of them is really special so that’s the one I’ll share…

I was working for Digital Equipment Corp in Boston and I had a small team in DC focused on the Federal business (Joan, Joel and Dennis). We were recapping the Super Bowl the first time the Giants beat my Patriots. Two of my reps in DC were ecstatic by the Giants win and I wondered why they weren’t Redskin fans.

As it turns out both were from the Jersey area originally.  As we talked, Joel Kelly mentioned that his Dad was a singer in a Doo Wop group in the Jersey area in the early 60’s and had some success. He finally mentioned the group’s name – The Duprees – and that his Dad was Mike Kelly. I knew the group so well and within 30 seconds I had a YouTube up and running featuring Mike Kelly singing lead on a stool (see below).

Years later, Mike Kelly was very sick and Joel went to see him for the last time. During the visit, Joel asked his Dad to sign an autograph for a very passionate fan (me). It was Mike Kelly’s last autograph and is now one of my treasures! Thank you Joel and Mike! Two of my all time favorites!

Back to the music… My Number 3 from the Duprees is Have You Heard. Obviously this poor guy is still hung up on his old girlfriend and wonders what anyone knows about what she’s been up to. Long, sad story, but a great song. Many, many groups have recorded this song, but none better than these guys!

My number 2 tune from the Duprees is Goodnight My Love, a very pretty song with high energy mixed in. This is a wonderful song with some incredible lyrics. Just enjoy… and smile.

My Number 1 choice, You Belong To Me, is SPECIAL. It is in my TOP TEN all time! It is in the ‘perfect song’ category and has proven to be timeless. The lyrics, the melody and the vocals combine for perfection. The harmonies are almost haunting. This song is really the sound of the 60’s, with a touch of Doo Wop. You can sing along with this one… Enjoy.

Pick 3 From Jay & The Americans

Interesting history of Jay & The Americans… it does not matter which Jay you are talking about (there were three of them), the vocals of this group have been rated with the very best in the history of rock and roll. Cara Mia has always been a fan favorite as Jay holds that famous high note to cheering audiences.

Originally, John “Jay” Traynor started the group, but he left before the group had their biggest hits. David Black came in to replace him and changed his stage name to “Jay” Black and led the group to several megahits. Finally in 2006, John “Jay” Reincke joined the group and did a lot of touring with the group. Jay Black also tours singing the hits he made famous!

I got to see these guys at a corporate Holiday party and they led off with Roy Orbison’s Crying (my favorite song), which they did to perfection. They continued to impress throughout the entire show…BTW, the horn section was outstanding!

My first pick from Jay & The Americans should be no surprise… Walking in the Rain. Everyone knows the lyrics and is ready to sing along, without much prompting needed. It is fun, light and romantic. What’s not to like? I hope you’ll enjoy this song.

My second pick is another of the group’s classic hits,,, This Magic Moment. This song from 1969 was their last top ten hit. Jay Black continues to sing this in his live appearances, but the original recorded version is still the very best.

My third pick may be a surprise… Some Enchanted Evening, originally from the Broadway & Hollywood classic, South Pacific. I really enjoy Jay’s rendition of this song and the accompanying video has some scenes that capture the essence of the lyrics. Once again the vocals of this group carry the day. I think you’ll love this version, especially if you’ve ever seen the play or movie!

Any write up about Jay & The Americans would be incomplete without a mention of their other super songs, Cara Mia, She Cried and Come a Little Bit Closer. All classics and fun to hear and sing along with, anytime!

Enjoy these Oldies!

Pick 3 From The Everly Brothers

The better the performer(s), the tougher the challenge to PICK 3! That is the case with the Everly Brothers. Don and Phil teamed up for so many hits starting in the late 50’s with Bye Bye Love (1957) and leading to On the Wings Of A Nightingale in 1984, which was a song written by Paul McCartney. Who can forget Cathy’s Clown and All I Got To Do Is Dream among many others?

Paul Simon, who was influenced by their music and a huge fan said: “… they witnessed and were part of the birth of rock and roll.” John Lennon and Paul McCartney were influenced by these guys and referred to themselves as “the English Everly Brothers”. In fact, for Please Please Me they based the vocal arrangement on Cathy’s Clown.


The brothers were inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1986. Along the way, they had their issues, but still produced some of the very best music for 50 plus years. Phil died in 2014 from lung disease and Don has retired to a quieter life.
My number 3 pick is Walk Right Back… I love how you know the song right from the very first note, then their harmonies take over. My favorite part of the song is the change of tempo halfway through the song. I love the line…”Bring your love to me, don’t send it.”  Very cool lyrics. I am sure you’ll enjoy this golden oldie…


My number 2 pick is Let it be Me. The opening line says… “I bless the day I found you.” What more can you say? This is a love song of the highest order. This was the song that The Everly Brothers usually used to close their shows, except for their very last show when they closed their very last performance with Sam Cooke’s You Send Me. The rendition I attached here really shows the emotion that they intended us to experience. This from their show in Melbourne, Australia. Enjoy!


As difficult as it was to pick 3 from The Everly Brothers, picking number 1 was easy! No doubt about it… Crying in the Rain. One of my TOP 10 of All Time! My only complaint is that it is too short, so whenever I put it into a playlist I need to enter it twice, back to back!


You will love the version that I offer here since it was from the Ed Sullivan Show when the guys were in their marine uniforms. The vocals in this recording might be overlaid from the actual recording because it sounds every bit as good.


Pick 3 From The Righteous Brothers

Bobby Hatfield and Bill Medley joined voices to form The Righteous Brothers back in 1962. Their musical style was soon dubbed ‘blue-eyed soul’ and they delivered that smooth, soulful sound throughout their entire careers. Sadly Bobby past away in 2003 in a Vegas hotel room during a tour. Bill continues to perform their classic hits for audiences throughout the country, with emphasis on Las Vegas market.

Picking 3 from their portfolio was fun for me. I’ve always had some favorites and I’m happy to share with you Pick #1… “Just Once in My Life”.  This song features Bill’s deep baritone voice, perfectly complimented by Bobby’s alto during the chorus that softens the melody perfectly. My favorite lines are:
 “I’ve given up on schemes, ’cause all of them fell through
I’ve given up so many things, don’t ask me to give up on you.”


Pick #2 is Ebb Tide. This song is all about Bobby. His range is unmatched and his tone is haunting. No one has ever recorded this song any better. This is the perfect match of performer and track.
Thanks, Bobby, R.I.P.


Before I share the last pick in this sequence, I would encourage you to experience “I Believe” by these guys. You will not be sorry.


Pick #3 was easy… Unchained Melody. This might be the perfect song! It was written in 1955 by Alex North and Hy Zaret and recorded by hundreds of artists. These guys did it in 1965 and had great success with it, but when it came out as the score for the movie “Ghost” it became immortal.
I needn’t say more… this is Bobby at his very best. Listen up.


Pick 3 From Gene Pitney (w/ Quick Pitney Anecdote)

With some artists, Picking 3 is difficult because you do not want to discredit all your other favorites from that artist. That is the case for me with Gene Pitney. Next to Roy Orbison, Gene has been one of my favorites since eighth grade. Gene’s voice is so distinctive and his lyrics so crystal clear that you can’t help but enjoy the stories he tells in every song.

While his career got derailed by the ‘British Invasion’ of the mid 60’s, Gene found enthusiastic audiences in the UK and Australia that extended his career into the 90’s. In fact, one of his best songs, “Something’s Gotten Hold of My Heart” was recorded in 1989! Despite declining popularity in the US, I’m delighted to report that Gene was inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2002, an honor he richly deserved.

My first pick from Gene is the song that defined his career and will forever be his flagship recording… “Town Without Pity”. Most people over 50 know the words and everyone over 50 knows the story line. You can’t listen to it without swaying back and forth just a little. It’s a true masterpiece with a fun melody and perfectly articulated lyrics. My favorite line is “Before this gray and granite planet falls apart”.

“Half Heaven Half Heartache” is my second choice… my favorite part of this song is the violins and the background instrumentals. This song features Gene’s distinctive voice and again some superb lyrics.

To fully appreciate my third pick, “I’m Gonna Be Strong”, you need to listen to it all the way to the very end! You will not hear many singers ramp up four octaves to exit a song like Gene does in this one. Throughout this tune, Gene builds the intensity and drama until his unforgettable conclusion! ENJOY!

QUICK PITNEY ANECDOTE:  For years I was convinced that Gene Pitney must have moonlighted and sang the lead on the song “Black is Black” by Los Bravos. I would scour the internet, trying to confirm my suspicions. BUT, alas, I could not find any evidence that my “scoop” had any validity. Still, I always wondered if I would ever learn more…

Roll the tape forward another five years…
I was driving and listening to an Oldies station and there was a taped interview with Gene Pitney playing. He relayed this story… He was driving in his car and he heard the song  “Black is Black” on the radio. It caught his attention and he turned the volume up. Then he immediately called his manager and asked him, “When did I record this song? I don’t remember doing it.” Clearly he was wrong!
Clearly, I was wrong too, but at least I was in very good company!
True story!


Pick 3 From Johnny Mathis

Do yourself a favor… During dinner tomorrow night tell Alexa to play some Johnny Mathis songs or let YouTube play a medley of his hits for you. I bet that you have forgotten what a special voice he has. You’ll be glad you did…

If you are going to Pick 3 for Johnny Mathis, you must begin with his signature song “Wonderful, Wonderful”. I think this song demonstrates the remarkable quality of Johnny’s voice. The orchestration compliments his talents and the production allows him to just belt out perfect pitch at full volume. Simply a classic for all time and a signature song properly titled!

Given the vast portfolio to pick from, it is fun to put forth your own favorites from the king of back seat music. My next choice is “It’s Not for me to Say”. In this song, Johnny is not afraid to let his partner know how he feels; likewise, in my next pick, “Chances Are”. Pure romance and a warmth that you can sense.

Finally, I pick “A Certain Smile” to complete my selections. This is another ballad about risky love, but worth the chance. Fantastic melody, haunting lyrics, and outstanding vocals. How can you not love this music!

It’s hard to believe these songs date back to 1957-58 and they still sound fresh and alive.

OMG, is that four picks? Well too bad, he’s worth it!

Pick 3 From Lesley Gore

The challenge to Pick 3 from  Lesley Gore turns out to be easy for me… how about “You Don’t Own Me” three times! If anyone has a cutting-edge song, it would be Lesley and this defiant, quasi-threatening proclamation of female independence from the early 1960s.

This song, with lyrics ranging from a relatively quiet “you don’t own me” to a more definitive  ‘DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO” was her very best recording, and it served as an early harbinger that times were-a-changin’ – women were drawing lines.  Leslie’s not saying ‘leave me alone’, she’s simply saying, quite clearly, ‘hold on there, buster’.  Just listen…

At 16 years old, Lesley’s talent caught the attention of Quincy Jones at Mercury Records.  He produced her first hits (‘It’s My Party’ and ‘Judy’s Turn to Cry’) as well as ‘She’s a Fool’ and finally ‘You Don’t Own Me’ – all of which were million sellers.  Add ‘Maybe I Know’ to this list and you have  her best 5 recordings.

Lesley was a super star during the early American Bandstand days, and everyone knew and sang the lyrics to all her songs.  If you grew up during the period, then you fully understand how her music was an absolute ‘must’ for a properly designed dance party or, more specifically, Make Out Party.

Even though Lesley was a teen sensation at 16, she was smart, independent, and headed off to complete her college education. She attended the exceptionally rigorous & academically challenging all-girls (at the time) Sarah Lawrence College.  I have no idea what her major was but I suspect it included at least a dash of Finance, since million sellers tend to require familiarity with figures.

While all of her five best recordings speak of conflicted relationships, it seems likely that Lesley left any and all conflicted relationships behind her once she met Lois Sasson, her long term partner.

Lois was the person who was by Lesley’s side at the very end and orchestrated the announcements and final arrangements.  No ‘inside’ information here about their relationship, but there is every reason to believe that Lesley and Lois were very happy together.

As far as actually picking Leslie’s top 3, I can’t decide what my second choice would be, so here’s my two choices that are tied for second place… ‘She’s a Fool’and ‘Maybe I Know’. Enjoy them both.

Let me know what you think…Let me know what you remember… Let me know what you feel…

R.I.P. LESLEY GORE (February 16, 2015)

Pick 3 From Roy Orbison

Pick 3 from Roy Orbison  – this is tough for me since he is my ALL TIME FAVORITE singer!  No questions!  No hesitation! (Feel free to add your two cents.)

“Running Scared”

The casual fan may think of Roy as the master of ‘love-lost’ ballads, but my first pick, and one of my favorite Roy songs, details how Roy was the big winner in love… RUNNING SCARED. (Roy also wins the girl in “Pretty Woman”.)

I think this song is great as it builds into an enormous crescendo and then “You turned around and walked away with me.” Unbelievable story line, incredible vocals, really remarkable back-up vocals and a bass beat you can’t forget. Roy used to end his concerts with this song because he could leave the stage to that driving beat. Simply fantastic.


My second pick is CRYING. I picked this song simply because I think this is Roy’s best vocal performance ever and the song itself is truly outstanding. Plus, of course, who can forget the eighth-grade make-out parties where this song provided the “slow dance” opportunity to do a whole bunch of first-time stuff with your first-time steady?

“You Got It”

My third pick is YOU GOT IT.  Thank you Jeff Lynne for leading Roy back to the recording studio and giving us this key step in Roy’s resurgence in 1987.

This song, along with King of Hearts, Mystery Girl and his work with The Traveling Wilburys put the world on notice that Roy was back, better than ever. And the entire music community eagerly welcomed him with open arms!

Roy died on December 6, 1988… as Michael Jackson said in his song, Gone Too Soon!  What 3 would you pick from Roy?

Pick 3 From Brenda Lee

Pick 3 from Brenda Lee – this one is easy for me despite the fact she could break your heart with a rendition of the Marine’s Hymn.  My favorites are, in order (give a listen),

“I’m Sorry”  Brenda Lee Im Sorry

      I'm Sorry - Brenda Lee

“I Want To Be Wanted”  brenda lee i want to be wanted

      I Want To Be Wanted - Brenda Lee

“All Alone Am I”  brenda lee all alone am i

      All Alone Am I - Brenda Lee

“The little girl with the huge voice” was the moniker constantly assigned to Brenda Lee,  After her father’s death when she was 10, Brenda – and that huge voice – became the primary bread winner in her family.

Her big break came when – at 10 years old -she went to see Red Foley perform in Augusta in 1955.  A local disc jockey persuaded Foley to hear her sing before the show, and Foley was as transfixed as everyone else who heard the huge voice coming from the tiny girl so he immediately agreed to let her perform “Jambalaya” on stage that night, unrehearsed.

Foley later recounted the moments following her introduction:

“I still get cold chills thinking about the first time I heard that voice. One foot started patting rhythm as though she was stomping out a prairie fire but not another muscle in that little body even as much as twitched.  

“And when she did that trick of breaking her voice, it jarred me out of my trance enough to realize I’d forgotten to get off the stage.  There I stood, after 26 years of supposedly learning how to conduct myself in front of an audience, with my mouth open two miles wide and a glassy stare in my eyes.”

The audience erupted in applause and refused to let her leave the stage until she had sung three more songs.

A few months later Brenda signed a contract with Decca records, but it took until 1959 for Brenda to start her string of chart topping hits with “Sweet Nothings”, “I Want To Be Wanted”, “All Alone Am I” and “Fool #1”.

You could say that Brenda Lee was a victim of the English invasion, as the Beatles arrived in 1963 and forever changed the musical landscape of America.  But, what a career! From Rock to Country, Brenda Lee has left her mark for all of us to enjoy.

What 3 would you pick from Brenda?


Traveling Wilburys’ Tribute to Roy Orbison

“End of the Line” tells the story of receiving the respect of your peers… great music and a tribute to Roy Orbison from his Traveling Wilburys’ mates that evokes thoughts about what actually matters after you’ve enjoyed all the fame and riches.

George Harrison1The Traveling Wilburys, whose members were hand-picked by George Harrison, clearly matter.  Tom Petty relates that George selected band members based on whether or not he wanted to spend time with you, not the quality of your voice or what instruments you could play.  So he picked a line-up of his personal favorites -Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne and Roy Orbison.

Petty Dylan LynneIt’s said that 5 lawyers in a hundred years couldn’t assemble what George did in 3 phone calls in one afternoon.  What a complement to each of them!  Being respected and appreciated by the peers that you admire the most –  obviously, those are things that actually matter.

A few things you can’t help noticing (besides the great music) when you watch the “End of the Line” video:

First, George never looked healthier or happier. Clearly, this is his gig and he knows he’s assembled a world class band just for the fun of it!  Everybody writes.  Everybody sings.  Everybody produces.  Everybody has a great time. Five talented pals, doing what they do best.

Second, Roy passed away after recording the song but before the video was produced. So, during his vocal performance, the guys placed his guitar on a “rock”ing chair and his picture on the mantle as a tribute to their missing partner.

Roy Orbison1They all adored Roy, marveled at his voice, & appreciated his professionalism. Even George, a Beatle, worshipped Roy.  When George called Tom to tell him about Roy’s passing, he said, “Don’t worry about Roy, he’ll be fine. He’s still with us.” Clearly they could feel his presence.

Third, Tom Petty is having the time of his life.  Imagine…he’s playing with George Harrison, Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison!  How cool is that?

Finally, Jeff Lynne, the main guy from ELO, and the person most responsible for Roy Orbison’s comeback, is finally getting some of the recognition he deserves.

Roy Orbison fans will love this video. How about you?  Comments welcome!