PICK 3 From Elvis Presley

This should be one of the most difficult assignments ever, but somehow I did this one relatively easily. Having said that I would expect there to be hundreds of dissenters with their own three picks since he had so many great recordings. Anyway, here goes…

My first pick is Suspicious Mind. Elvis demonstrates his vocal talent and super showmanship with this piece of work. This song also adds in the haunting sounds from the backup singers. This is clearly an Elvis classic.

My second pick is The Wonder of You. Enjoy this video, note the smirk, note the smile, note the voice… There’s only one KING and Elvis is HE!

I am cheating a little with my third pick. I am going with If I Can Dream. HOWEVER, I want to use the video from AMERICAN IDOL that features a duet with Elvis and Celine. I love the use of technology to accomplish this video and the outcome is simply spectacular. Suspend you disbelief and just enjoy the experience.


Since it is Christmas time, here’s a present for you. What could be more fun than this??? Watch Elvis sing with Martina.

Thank me later!!!

2 thoughts on “PICK 3 From Elvis Presley”

  1. Great picks! And I love all your narrations. They’re great bits of interesting infomation.
    Deciding the best of all time come down to Elvis and Roy. My mood at the time makes my decision.

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