Picking 3 from the Four Seasons is a tough assignment. They are one of my favorite groups of all time and therefore picking only 3 of their many hits is difficult. I have seen Jersey Boys in the theater 3 times and the movie twice and I would not hesitate to see it again!

They took their name from the name of a bowling alley in Union County, New Jersey where they played and failed at an important audition. Shortly thereafter, their fortunes changed and Sherry was released… and as they say, the rest is history!

So, here goes… I am picking 3 and keeping a dozen others very handy!

First I am going with Big Man in Town. Frankie’s distinctive voice is on display in this song. It was written by Bob Gaudio, which turned out to be the perfect combination… Frankie’s voice and Bob’s writing. The lyrics tell a song of hope and some determination! I guess he did return as a Big Man, after a few ups and downs!


The second choice is Bye Bye Baby, Baby Goodbye, the ultimate sing along song! Another sample from Frankie and Bob, but this song also features some active participation from the other two members as well, Tommy DeVito and Nick Massi.
Bad timing summarizes this sad love story. Sing along while you are enjoying this one.


My final choice for this segment is what I consider a PERFECT SONG… DAWN. It starts with “Pretty as a mid summer’s morn, they called her Dawn.” How beautiful is that? I like the tight lyrics and the driving percussion sound. I suspect even though the singer was being a martyr and volunteering to walk away to give his love a better life, I think they ended up together! I’m hoping at least!



After this, I will listen to Ronnie, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Grease and on and on and on!