This is a special selection featuring the stylish and harmonious voices of this vocal group. All of their recordings are big production numbers with lots of strings and supporting instrumentation. Their voices combine so perfectly, it sounds like a single voice with wonderous depth!

I am going to highlight my first pick and dedicate it to Jack and his lovely daughter Kimberly, who danced the father-daughter dance to this song, when Kim married her terrific husband Nate. Not only is Kim a ‘Special Angel’, she and Nate have given birth to three more Special Angels! Of all the artists that have recorded this song, I have to say that The Vogues got it right… silky smooth, with the production building all the way through. Truly a masterpiece.


My second selection is You’re the One. For a love song, this one is pretty rowdy, but it works. As you would expect, there’s some great vocals throughout this song, so sit back and enjoy!

My third pick is of course their biggest hit… Turn Around, Look At Me. What a great song this is. I would love to see and hear this song live… maybe this summer on the Happy Together Tour! Pay attention to the flute in the background, it adds so much to the tone of the song. I also like how this song starts off so quietly and then builds to a crescendo. On the way to the crescendo, I like the lyrics, “There is someone who really needs you. Here’s my heart, in my hand…” listen to the flute!!! Listen to this one twice!

Since I have ‘the power of the pen’, I want to give you a bonus that I think you’ll appreciate. The Vogues did a fantastic job with this song… Till. The Angels did a fabulous job with this song as well.

HAVE FUN and don’t forget to Make More Saturdays!!!