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Pick 3 From Jay & The Americans

Interesting history of Jay & The Americans… it does not matter which Jay you are talking about (there were three of them), the vocals of this group have been rated with the very best in the history of rock and roll. Cara Mia has always been a fan favorite as Jay holds that famous high note to cheering audiences.

Originally, John “Jay” Traynor started the group, but he left before the group had their biggest hits. David Black came in to replace him and changed his stage name to “Jay” Black and led the group to several megahits. Finally in 2006, John “Jay” Reincke joined the group and did a lot of touring with the group. Jay Black also tours singing the hits he made famous!

I got to see these guys at a corporate Holiday party and they led off with Roy Orbison’s Crying (my favorite song), which they did to perfection. They continued to impress throughout the entire show…BTW, the horn section was outstanding!

My first pick from Jay & The Americans should be no surprise… Walking in the Rain. Everyone knows the lyrics and is ready to sing along, without much prompting needed. It is fun, light and romantic. What’s not to like? I hope you’ll enjoy this song.

My second pick is another of the group’s classic hits,,, This Magic Moment. This song from 1969 was their last top ten hit. Jay Black continues to sing this in his live appearances, but the original recorded version is still the very best.

My third pick may be a surprise… Some Enchanted Evening, originally from the Broadway & Hollywood classic, South Pacific. I really enjoy Jay’s rendition of this song and the accompanying video has some scenes that capture the essence of the lyrics. Once again the vocals of this group carry the day. I think you’ll love this version, especially if you’ve ever seen the play or movie!

Any write up about Jay & The Americans would be incomplete without a mention of their other super songs, Cara Mia, She Cried and Come a Little Bit Closer. All classics and fun to hear and sing along with, anytime!

Enjoy these Oldies!