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Pick 3 From The Association

During the summer of 2018, I was fortunate enough to attend the Happy Together Tour, starring The Turtles and featuring The Association, among others.

I mention The Association because they stole the show.  The vocal talents of Terry Kirkman and Larry Ramos were unmatched during the 60’s and 70’s and have not diminished since.

The entire audience knew all the lyrics and calmly sang along to their beautiful ballads.  If you look up ‘soft rock’ in the dictionary, surely this group’s picture would appear!

My 3rd Pick from The Association is Everything That Touches You. Enjoy the harmonies during this song.   My eighth-grade experience was made better by this group and this song – slow-dancing was nerve-wracking but, in the end, worth it.

My 2nd Pick is this group’s biggest hit, Cherish (Is the Word). A simple love song of longing for the unobtainable, the use of chimes lending it an ethereal feel. The word ‘cherish’ is a beautiful term of endearment and the song Cherish lives up to that description.

My Number 1 Association Pick is Never My Love. This song was the second most played song during the 20th century! The studio band behind this song was The Wrecking Crew. Do yourself a favor… go see the documentary on Amazon Video called The Wrecking Crew. (I just gave you the hint of the year! Don’t miss this.)

Meanwhile, Never My Love was recorded by 16 different artists within a few years of its release. Everyone, including The Association, knew it was an easy hit.

The Association is touring and the details are available here…