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Pick 3 From The Duprees

I have so many stories about THE DUPREES, but one of them is really special so that’s the one I’ll share…

I was working for Digital Equipment Corp in Boston and I had a small team in DC focused on the Federal business (Joan, Joel and Dennis). We were recapping the Super Bowl the first time the Giants beat my Patriots. Two of my reps in DC were ecstatic by the Giants win and I wondered why they weren’t Redskin fans.

As it turns out both were from the Jersey area originally.  As we talked, Joel Kelly mentioned that his Dad was a singer in a Doo Wop group in the Jersey area in the early 60’s and had some success. He finally mentioned the group’s name – The Duprees – and that his Dad was Mike Kelly. I knew the group so well and within 30 seconds I had a YouTube up and running featuring Mike Kelly singing lead on a stool (see below).

Years later, Mike Kelly was very sick and Joel went to see him for the last time. During the visit, Joel asked his Dad to sign an autograph for a very passionate fan (me). It was Mike Kelly’s last autograph and is now one of my treasures! Thank you Joel and Mike! Two of my all time favorites!

Back to the music… My Number 3 from the Duprees is Have You Heard. Obviously this poor guy is still hung up on his old girlfriend and wonders what anyone knows about what she’s been up to. Long, sad story, but a great song. Many, many groups have recorded this song, but none better than these guys!

My number 2 tune from the Duprees is Goodnight My Love, a very pretty song with high energy mixed in. This is a wonderful song with some incredible lyrics. Just enjoy… and smile.

My Number 1 choice, You Belong To Me, is SPECIAL. It is in my TOP TEN all time! It is in the ‘perfect song’ category and has proven to be timeless. The lyrics, the melody and the vocals combine for perfection. The harmonies are almost haunting. This song is really the sound of the 60’s, with a touch of Doo Wop. You can sing along with this one… Enjoy.